Ad Spend Import

We can all agree that the only way to accurately calculate the value of your ad-spend is to know what your ad-spend actually is. I know this sounds like an obvious and unnecessary statement but considering how many advertisers use traditional tracking solutions to optimize their ad-spend I feel it must be said. The big challenge in creating an all in one system where you can optimize all your advertising across all ad-network is that they all work slightly differently.

Some have campaigns and ad-groups, some only campaigns. Some allow you to target traffic by keywords and others by zone, placement, category or source. Some you pay per click and others per impression or per 1000 impressions. You get the picture. 

Though fundamentally when it comes to optimization all ad-networks are the same. It is very simple! You are paying for people to reach your website. Every time that happens you are charged. If you are able to connect the ad-spend data to the conversion and tracking data then theoretically you are on the path to optimization.

How easy is it to use Funkeyads Ad-Spend Import?

It is plug and play. You can be up and running within 2 minutes. The only thing you need to do is insert your ad-network API into your Funkeyads dashboard and from that point all the campaigns will start to import into Funkeyads centralized interface. Here is an example:

What is Funkeyads ad-spend import objective?

The objective is to import your ad-spend from all your ad accounts into a centralized location without any additional setup. After adding your Ad-network API key your Funkeyads account will have all the ad-spend data formatted and ready for visualization and optimization.

Essential reading: There are 4 important services needed in order to reach the optimized value of your ad-spend: tracking, ad-spend import, conversion import, optimization.

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